Real Time Recipes &
Automatic Grocery Shopping

Join the quest to build the future of cooking and grocery shopping.

What is Cooklist?

Cooklist shows you recipes you can cook with the groceries in your home. It connects to your grocery store loyalty card and automatically adds your purchases to a digital pantry in the app.

How does it work?

Connect Your Grocery Stores

• Automatically downloads purchases you make at the grocery store in person or online

• Supports 81 major grocery store chains like Kroger, Walmart, Safeway, etc.

• Connect as many stores as you want

• Last 30 days of purchases will download instantly

All Your Food On Your Phone

• See what products you have in stock and keep track of how old each item is

• Click into a product to see recipes you can make with it

• New purchases are automatically downloaded within 48 hours

• Pictures and details for 1,000,000+ products

Real Time Recipes

• Browse a feed of recipes that you can cook right now

• Each recipe shows the number of ingredients you have and the total number of ingredients the recipe requires.

• Save your favorite recipes or search for something you have a taste for

Demo Video

Cooklist Master Plan

Our mission is to eat intelligently.

We believe that technology can make eating a healthy, delicious meal easier and more affordable than eating an unhealthy alternative.

Step 1: Discover new and exciting meals with the groceries you already have
See endless possibilities of recipes you can cook with the food in your home. Opening Cooklist should be like looking at your pantry through the eyes of a master chef. 

Step 2: Save time and money with automatic grocery shopping
Plan meals by choosing recipes you want to eat instead of creating a shopping list of individual ingredients. When you add a recipe to your Cooklist, the app looks at what is in your pantry and adds the missing items to your shopping cart.

The shopping cart will display the estimated cost from grocery stores in your area to make it easy to compare costs. Skip the trip to the store and send the shopping list to a grocer for in store pickup or delivery.

Step 3: Live a healthier life
Cooklist should be like having a personal nutritionist in your pocket. It will recommend recipes and product substitutes that help you reach your dietary goals.

It should be easy to access all the nutritional data of the food you buy and gain a better understanding of your overall nutrition. Over time we hope to help researchers answer age-old questions about the relationships between diet and health.

Who is behind this?

Cooklist is a collaborative development effort by the community that built the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder which launched on Kickstarter in 2015. 

The community works together to develop the apps features, design, economics, branding and launch plan. The consensus of the community guides the decisions and we share everything that is learned along the way.