New Features

Use Barcode Scanner To Add Products To Shopping List In Cooklist App

Scan to Shop & Speed Boost

This week builds on last weeks improvements to the barcode scanner by adding the ability to use the scanner to add products directly to your shopping list.

We also measured load times throughout the app and optimized the database queries to improve the loading speed and performance. The results are 4-10X faster load times!

Build Your Shopping List By Scanning

Tap the barcode icon at the top of the shop tab to add a specific product to your shopping list. Use this to scan products when you finish them or to scan products you're low on before you go shopping.

Adjust Quantities on The Fly

After scanning a product, set the exact quantity you want to buy and your shopping list and shopping carts will update automatically. In the next version you will be able to create new products when the scan doesn't find a match in the Cooklist database.

Easier Editing

Several people mentioned that it was hard to figure out how to edit the items on the shopping list so we simplified the process with a new flow. Tap on the title or quantity of any shopping list item to open up the modal shown above.