New Features

Set Partial Quantities Of Pantry Inventory Items

Track Partial Quantities In Your Pantry

It's time to take you pantry management to the next level. You can now keep track of exactly how much you have left of each product in your home. So get ready to satisfy your inner OCD and checkout how it works below.

Set How Much You Have

Use the quantity button to adjust how much of an item you have. It works whether you have 10 of the same item or if you only have 10% left of a single product. If you want to completely remove the product from your pantry hit the trash can icon up top.

See What You're Low On

The quantities that you set are visible in the colored circles next to the image of each product in your pantry. Try referencing this next time you're at the store and wondering how much of a product you have left.

Adjust Quantities While Scanning

Quickly set the quantity of the items you scan while you're adding items to your pantry with the barcode scanner. Thanks to Matthew and Lindsey for recommending this idea!