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Recipe Ingredient To Pantry Matching Explained

Ingredient to Pantry Matching Explained

See exactly what is happening when Cooklist matches products in your pantry to the ingredients in a recipe. Sometimes the substitution is weird, or there isn't a good photo of the product available. Now all of the details are available by tapping the product < > ingredient match anywhere in the app!

See The Details

The modal above will open when you tap a product < > ingredient match like the ones in the recipe ingredient list.

At the top it shows the ingredient that Cooklist matched both the recipe ingredient and product too or the ingredients being substituted. Below that are the full recipe ingredient details along with any preparation notes and the title of the product in your pantry.

If you see a problem with one of the matches, press the Report button and we will get it fixed!

Adding Recipes To Your Plan

When adding recipes to your plan it's good to review the list of ingredients to make sure you are only buying what you need. By default all the missing and substituted items will be checked. If you are ok with a substitute you can uncheck it so that ingredient won't be added to your shopping list.

What's Not On Your Shopping List?

A little known feature at the bottom of the shopping list is the NOT ON YOUR LIST section. It lists all of the ingredients you will need for the recipes on your plan and aren't currently on the list of items to buy.

It's definitely worth reviewing this section before you go shopping to see if there are any items that you forgot to remove from your Cooklist Pantry or are almost out of.