New Features

New Ways To Search Grocery Store In Meal Planner App

New Search in Plan and Shop

The shop tab finally has a search bar and it's results will show you live pricing and availability at your local grocery store. We also rebuilt the search on the Plan tab. It now has all the recipe filters from the Cook tab and the ability to quickly switch over to searching products at your local store.

Better Search Everywhere

Tap the search bar at the top to search for products at the grocery store. This completes the last step in our plan to make a common search experience for every tab in the Cooklist app.

Real Results

The results and pricing you see are the same you would see if you go to the stores website and search there. This is a huge improvement over the previous search which wasn't store specific so it didn't have any prices and some products weren't available in all locations.

Plan By Searching

The Plan search now has all the filters that you already know from the Cook tab. Switch from searching Recipes to Products by using the tabs just below the search bar.