New Features

New Pantry Inventory App Design To Organize Your Kitchen

New Pantry Layout

We've taken all the feedback over the last few months to redesign the Pantry so it's easier to see what you have in stock and and quickly update the quantities remaining. You can also change the categories of items and create custom categories or locations. See how it all works below!  

Organized By Category

See all of the items in your pantry organized by category. Simply tap on any item to view more details or update the quantity remaining or tap the title of the category to view the full list of all the items in that category.

Easier Updating

The category view makes it easy to see exactly how old each product is and adjust the quantity that you have remaining. When you finish a product tap "REMOVE" and then you'll get the option to add it to your shopping list.

Tap To See All The Details

Tap on any product in your pantry to see more details like nutrition, ratings and expiration status. You can also edit the categories that the item is in or tap on the expiration status to set a new expiration date.