New Features

Feature Friday: Meal Planner 2.0

Meal Planner 2.0

You can now access and reuse all the meal plans that you've created on Cooklist! This update introduces a ton of new functionality with the star of the show being the ability to follow your current meal plan while also adding items to next week's plan. See how it works below!

Reuse Past Meal Plans

You'll find three new tabs at the top of the Plan section in the Cooklist app. They are PAST, CURRENT and NEXT. Use these to switch between views for each type of plan.

When you tap on one of your Past Plans you'll see a button at the bottom which lets you reuse the plan by copying all of the items on it to either your Current or Next meal plan.

Build Your Next Meal Plan

Get a head start on next week by adding items to your next plan while still following the current weeks meal plan.

When you start your next plan you'll be able to review the full list of ingredients that you need and choose which ones to add to your shopping list. Tap the section at the top to edit the dates that you want to plan for, or other details like the number of people and length of the plan.

Follow Your Current Meal Plan

The Current Plan works the same way that the first version of the meal planner in Cooklist worked. When you add items to it they will immediately sync to your shopping list on the SHOP tab.

The idea now is that the Next Plan will be the "default" place to add items to and the Current Plan is the place for cooking the meals that you planned. This is just a recommendation though, it is flexible so you can just use the Current Plan if you want!