New Features

Create Custom Products In The Cooklist App

Add Your Products To Cooklist

There's millions of products in the Cooklist database but there are still some elusive ones that we haven't been able to import for the barcode scanner. We're looking at you, Trader Joe's.

It's now possible to complete your pantry by adding products to Cooklist that failed to scan before. See how it works below.

Start With A Scan

When you scan a product that isn't in the Cooklist database you'll see the "Not Found" row shown above. Simply tap "add new product" to quickly create the product and add it to your pantry.

Enter The Details

Cooklist just needs a few details about the product and then our algorithms will do the hard work of classifying the new product and matching it to recipe ingredients. You can also upload multiple images of the product and it's nutrition label!

Gotta Catch 'Em All

That's all it takes to create a new product in Cooklist and add it to your pantry! The next time you or anyone else in the Cooklist community scans the same product again, it will bring up the product that was created. The goal is that over time we can work together to add every product in existence to Cooklist.