New Features

Create Custom Pantry Inventory Categories & Locations

Custom Pantry Categories & Locations

This week we look at how the new pantry category system works in the Cooklist app. You can create your own categories and locations and change the order of how they appear in your pantry. See how it all works below!

How Products Are Categorized

When you tap on a product in your pantry you can see the list of categories that it is currently in. Cooklist will automatically assign items to one of the default categories based on the products title and when it's getting close to expiration. Tap this section to change the categories that it's in.

Edit A Product's Categories

Use the check circles on the right side to select the categories you want the product to show up in. You can also select from custom "locations" that you create like the garage fridge or a shelf in the basement. Tap the EDIT button in the top corner to change the order of the categories.

Edit and Rearrange Categories

Press and drag the selector on the right side to rearrange the categories so it's set up exactly how you want it! Press the button at the bottom to create your own custom categories or locations where products are stored.