New Features

Calendar Based Meal Planner

Calendar View In The Meal Planner

The new meal planner has a feature to switch from the classic category view to a calendar based view so you can plan your meals for specific days. Tap the ••• in the corner of the Plan tab to switch over to the calendar view. See how it works below!

Plan By Day

When you switch to calendar view the items on your plan will be organized by day instead of by categories like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Just tap on any item to edit it's scheduled days. If you have any items on your plan that aren't assigned a date they will show up at the bottom in an "unscheduled" section.

Easy Scheduling

When adding an item to your plan you now have the option to select which days you want to schedule it for. You can also choose between adding the item to your Current Plan or your Next Plan. Remember that items on the Current Plan will by synced immediately to the shopping list.

Edit All The Details

It's easy to edit your plan if you want to change the number of days that you are planning for or set a different start date. The Next Plan will always default to starting the day after your Current Plan ends.